Business Spotlight: We Chat to Sean Gregory of Smoke Barbeque

January 15, 2021

Here at Geo, we love local businesses and want to share their success stories. This time around, we spoke to Sean Gregory one of the founders at Smoke Barbeque.

The popular eatery is located in the heart of the city at St Paul’s Place and has been around for seven years now, gathering a somewhat cult following. The story started  almost 18 years ago when the founders both worked for Pizza Hut Delivery.

“We have both worked in the restaurant industry for years than we care to remember, and, at this point many more to come for sure,” explains Sean. He says their inspiration for Smoke Barbeque came from the TV series ‘Man Vs. Food’.

“I saw an episode showcasing a BBQ restaurant called the Salt Lick in Austin Texas. It was literally a case of seeing the program on Tuesday, booking flights and being in Austin Texas on Friday morning for a long weekend we’ll never forget.”

According to Sean, the food the founders tried in the U.S. was incredible, but the real sell was the way people shared the experience of the great BBQ. The two saw that this was more than mere food, it was about time spent with family and friends.

“We couldn’t wait to get the doors open again so people can do just that, spend time with family and friends and enjoy great BBQ,” explains Sean. Shortly after returning from the trip, he and his business partner started planning what would soon be Smoke Barbeque. The rest, as they say, is history.

2020 has been a tough time for all businesses in the UK and beyond. However, despite this whirlwind of a year, Sean made sure to note some positives to come out of it. These included having the chance to re-open their doors for a short period of time.

“When we got the chance to open the doors for a short while, people came flooding back in, which is amazing,” he explains.

When asked about how Smoke Barbeque has dealt with the Covid-19 restrictions Sean was confident in the way the team responded.

“The way the team has responded and the support we have from our loyal customers, everything we do is about getting it right for them,” he says.

Smoke Barbeque was one of the first businesses to partner with Geo. Sean was thrilled to share why he loved the platform. He noted its potential to reach out to both existing and new customers with exclusive, timely offers and news in a way never before available.

“It really does remove the limits to the reach we can have, it’s so easy to set up and gives amazing feedback on how promotion is performing,” he explains.

“It also allows us to reach customers in minutes with one off daily promotions, the future developments that had a glimpse of, really offers us so much more potential for business growth.”

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